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The Master's Closet


Frequently asked questions about The Master's Closet and what we do.

Here are some of the questions that are most often asked of us.

What do you take?

Our motto is, “If you needed it in your house, then someone will need it in their house.”

With that in mind, we take the following items:

We do not discriminate in the items that are received (unless they are perceived as overtly sexual or demonic in nature).

Where do you operate?

We have been operating in this capacity since 2008 in the panhandle of West Virginia from our home church of Hedgesville Church. Since that time, we have received donations and distributed those donations to people in the following states:

We will be expanding the ministry to international destinations in the near future. These are to include but not limited to:

How Much Does It Cost?

All items, no matter how big or small, have and will always be provided free of charge because… “…freely you have received, freely give.”

Why are you doing this?

Our primary mission is to show and demonstrate the love of God and how the kingdom of God functions by meeting the needs of others.

How do I make a donation?

​If you would like to make a donation, contact us using the “Make a Donation” contact form.

I have a need. How do I make a request?

​If you have a need, please use the “Have a Need” contact form to contact us.

What is the criteria for receiving help?

We do not require anyone to meet any prior criteria for the request, we do not withhold collection / distribution based on any race, creed, sexual orientation, or any other social prejudices.